Product Range

The Research and Development Department regularly extends the list of our products. Currently, it comprises plugs, sockets, adapters as well as 12V and 24V spiral coils. All of the above mentioned are manufactured in line with valid standards:

  • 12V 7-pin connectors under ISO 1724 and ISO 3732
  • 12V 13-pin connectors under EN ISO 11446
  • 12V and 24V connectors of brake systems under ISO 7638
  • 24V 7-pin connectors under ISO 1185 ISO 3731
  • 12V 13-pin connectors under EN ISO 1144


We also hold forth the following:

  • Electric sets for tow bars
  • Electronic modules for tow bars
  • Lighting sets for trailers
  • Electrical cables
  • Auto accessories
  • Cables and connections for pneumatic installations