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Highest quality

12V electric connectors

Sockets, plugs, adapters. Full product range according to the ISO standard.

New series

24V electric connectors

Sockets, plugs, adapters. Full product range according to standard ISO.


Towbar electrics

Universal electrical installations for towbars. Easy installation and operational reliability.


12V & 24V trailer electrics

Installations and complete lighting sets for trailers, semi-trailers and agricultural machinery.

Get the better solution


Hybrid and electric vehicles charging kits.


Electric cable bundle production

Machine industry
home appliance


Automotive accesories

We encourage you to take a look at full range of our automotive accessorial products.



Machinery and product engineering
injection molding
tool shop


We value tradition

TESAT is a company with almost 40-years of traditions. Production of electrical connectors for Automotive and Agriculture industries according to ISO standards is our sepciality. Our constant technological development ensures that we provide you with the best electrical connectors possible. We encourage you to browse through our products.

adapter 24-volt 15-pin

We care about your opinion

TESAT's products are trusted by many of trailers, semi-trailers, towbars and agricultural machinery top manufacturers in Poland and Europe. It is also confirmed by our clients visiting us at international exhibitions.

gniazdo 7-pin


In 2020 we invite you to visit us in September at Automechanika Franfurt 2020. Details available soon.


Building a company takes time. Take a look at some of the milestones in history of our company.


With suppliers and materials that have proven themselves over many years we guarantee high quality of products and shortest delivery times. Are you upset about prolonged delivery times or delays? Constant changes in products that you did not want, lack of stability and assurance about the overall quality of product? Choose TESAT. Choose peace of mind.


40 years of experience

We deliver the best quality products and services for nearly 40 years.


We think globally

Our products are available for purchase in Polish and most European markets.


Family business

For three generations we've been building TESAT. It's in our blood.



P.P.H.U. TESAT Adam Turek

ul. Ludowa 13

51-503 Wrocław


+48 71 348 04 39

NIP: 8940046516

ING Bank Śląski

PLN - 20 1050 1575 1000 0092 0436 0037

EUR - 09 1050 1575 1000 0092 0436 0235


marketing and sales

Agnieszka Turek-Fudała phone number+48 609 477 175
engineering and research

Paweł Fudała phone number+48 601 276 230

Łukasz Basałyngowicz

customer support

Damian Chmiel

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plug 7-pin ergo plug 7-pin ergo type S plug 13-pin 122mm plug 13-pin 93mm socket ergo 7-pin socket ergo type S Socket 13-pin Standard adapter 13/7 Standard adapter 7/13-pin Cable adapter 13/7-pin Spiral cable adapter 13/7-pin Cable adapter 7/13-pin Spiral cable adapter 7/13-pin Cable adapter 7/7-pin Spiral cable adapter 7/7-pin Cable adapter 13/13-pin Spiral cable adapter 13/13-pin Connection cable 2x plug 7-pin Connection spiral cable 2x plug 7-pin Connection cable 2x plug 13-pin Connection spiral cable 2x plug 13-pin plug 24-volt 7-pin type N plug 24-volt 7-pin type S plug 24-volt 15-pin plug 24-volt 15-pin plug abs 5-pin 24-volt plug EBS 7-pin socket 7-pin type N socket 24-volt 7-pin type S socket 15-pin type N socket abs 5-pin socket ebs 7-pin Box adapter 24-volt Spiral cable adapter 2x 7-pin N + S charging cable straight 230V charging cable 400V straight charging cable 230V spiral charging cable 400V spiral Standard unbranched 7-pin electric towbar kit 7-pin kit branched 7-pin kit branched with fog lights switch 13-pin lighting kit branched 13-pin lighting kit branched with fog lights switch 13-pin kit branched full 13-pin kit branched with fog lights switch 13-pin kit branched full Caravaning+ 13-pin kit branched full Caravaning+ with fog lights switch module unikit 1L module unikit 2G module unikit 3G module unikit 3P